Updating Footwear

"The fashion and footwear industry model of seasonality, bulk orders, the catwalk etc. is ready for an update."

Marloes ten Bhomer

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What's the plan to make it better?
Intro 1

Clever Design

Anna Korshun, footwear designer and developer of the brand is driven by an idea of designing footwear that will contribute to the innovation of the footwear industry. She is creating solutions that are making the manufacturing process more simple and sustainable.

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Efficient Process

The traditional footwear process contains a lot of different components: there is a lot of glue, it needs stitching and it is labor intensive.
The Korshun footwear process has only few components and doesn't contain any glue or stitching. Therefore the production of these shoes is easy and efficient. It is produced locally and on a small scale.

Intro 3

Innovative Product

Exclusive, fair and locally crafted shoes that are both attractive and comfortable! The simplicity of the design reflects the efficient manufacturing process of this unique product.


Here is a the path we are making to reach this goal.


Now time to have a look at the result.

Korshun Footwear is a sustainable and unique product that is made locally and with a lot of care. We are using high quality nubuck leather in combination with durable rubber as the outsole. There are 3 models available in 4 different colors from size 37 - 41. The price variates from €119,- to €129,- inclusive the transport costs within The Netherlands. If you would like to order a pair or you have more questions please contact us.


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